Advice on Not Mattering

Admit it.
At some point in the relatively near future, no one will remember you.
Admit it.
Name 20 holocaust victims who aren’t in textbooks,
Tell me the names of 10 World War I veterans,
List off your great great grandparents
Then look me in the eyes and tell me you are worth remembering.
You can’t, because you aren’t.
Admit it.
Your bones hold no claims to greatness,
Your skin does not tell stories that future generations will listen to,
Your face is not one that will grace the pages of some bored student’s textbook.
And even if it is, who truly cares?
Accept it.
Consider the years of history that preceded the fragile bit of consciousness that you call your life.
Accept it.
Consider that time will keep moving just as steadily when you are dead and gone.
Accept it.
Make the worst decision you possibly can today,
And realize you leave no lasting footprints.
Accept it.
Open your eyes and behold the universe like you’re seeing it for the first time,
And realize you’re the only one it makes a difference to.
Embrace it.
Tonight while the world is asleep,
Go outside and stand in the moonlight,
Notice how gloriously tiny you are.
Embrace it.
Revel in the stardust,
Stare at the tiny pinpricks of light in the distance and know that all of them will outlive you.
Embrace it.
Dance in the rain and let it wash away any misconceptions of importance you may still harbor.
When the lightning illuminates the landscape in front of you,
Realize that you don’t have to matter to be happy.
Embrace it.
Run at full speed for no reason.
Sprint through public places and sing at the top of your lungs.
When people give you disapproving looks, act even stranger,
Because they are just as unimportant as you are and they don’t even know how to have fun with it.
Embrace it.
Find people who know just how fleeting life is, who are all too familiar with how irrelevant you are, and love them as hard as you can.
Let them mean the world to you because they mean nothing to the world, not in spite of it.
Embrace it.
There is a strangely beautiful importance in not mattering.

9 months ago | 12:40pm
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